Buying A Baby Bean Bag - A Buyers Guide

Buying A Baby Bean Bag - A Buyers Guide

  • 29 Jan 2014

If you’re reading this then you’re probably considering on purchasing a baby bean bag for your or some one else’s child. We strongly recommend that you read this entire article before choosing a baby bean bag for the sake of your, or someone else’s child.

So why should you trust what we're saying?

Whilst we brag alot about our product, which we're extremely proud of, our success has meant that lots of others wanted to gain from our success, and attempt the same thing, but without being educated on just how important the responsibility is, for producing and selling baby products. We introduced the baby beanbag product to Australia and the USA, thus we feel responsible to regularly inform on the risks associated with a less credible brand.

Chibebe is a brand which has captured the attention of consumers all over the world. Whenever highly credible companies and experts associate themselves with one another, you probably notice in almost all cases they partner with the experts only. That is why companies such as Huggies, Pumpkin Patch, National Breast Cancer Foundation, paediatricians and many other professionals choose us, simply because we’re the experts in the field and we know the facts!

There needs to be an honest voice for children, telling the facts, so you can avoid putting your children or someone else’s children in harms way.

So for less than 2 minutes of your time in reading this article, you will know why it’s so important to choose products from a reputable seller.

So what makes a baby bean bag unsafe?


As a parent you develop great parenting instincts that helps to keep your kids out of harms way and safe, but great instincts sometimes isn’t enough.

The internet is flooded with baby beanbag sellers, and with so little information about baby beanbags, consumers just aren’t aware of all the dangers they may be exposing their kids to, such as unsafe chemical levels known to exist in fabrics caused by colours and dyes that are used to achieve attractive patterns and designs.

Imagine this, you have two baby formulas to choose from, both are ACCC complaint but one is tested to insure that’s it’s completely safe for your baby, and the other is simply made to meet the standards, which one would you choose? It’s a no brainer right, you would definitely choose the one that’s tested to insure it’s the safest for baby use.

So it’s the same with baby bean bags, as a parents you prefer to know that your new born child is resting on a safely developed baby bean bag that has been tested for harmful chemicals that may be found in fabrics this includes organic fabrics also. After all we know how the skin is absorbent so it’s important to know that the products are tested for these types of things to avoid risk that may be detrimental.



So where are these unsafe baby bean bags

You’ll find most of these are found on facebook and eBay business, a majority of these sellers purchase these Baby Bean Bags from a small independent business who is most likely not even a registered business in China for $25 or less, and the reseller is making a quick profit out of Australian consumers not knowing they maybe causing harms to someone’s child.

These sellers would never put anyone’s child in danger but they are not aware of the dangers they maybe putting someone’s child in.

Raising a family increase the cost of living and the first thing we do is budget, but what price are you will to pay to insure your babies safety? I’m sure I speak for most when I say this, as a parent you would definitely purchase products that are safe for your child just for piece of mind

As a professional and as one of the owner of Australias original baby beanbag brand, it’s safe to say that you cannot purchase a laboratory tested baby bean bag for such a low, if it’s too good to be true then it usually is, we’ll unless the seller has tested reports to say so say differently.



How to get a decent baby bean bag?


Well I could tell you to head over to our online Chibebe store that’s owned by Brands United Group, which is high quality but more importantly laboratory tested baby bean bags, but, I’m going to tell you the one questions you should ask your preferred Baby Bean Bag seller.

Question 1

Ask the seller “ Are your Baby Bean Bags laboratory tested for high chemicals levels known to be in fabric? If so can you provide proof? ”

Two things may happen after you ask these questions

  • 1.You may not get a reply
  • 2.They’ll say “We’re currently in process of organizing it”

As a parent you you only want the best for your child and so do we, so I hope this article has given you a great insight to baby bean bags, if you have any questions please just ask us , we’d be more than happy to answer any questions for you. 

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