Not just a pretty place to sit!

Not just a pretty place to sit!

  • 24 Mar 2015

Chibebe is famed not only for our gorgeous Snuggle Pod baby bean bag designs, but also for the fact that it relieves flat head and acid reflux in babies.

The Snuggle Pod is one of the most popular baby shower gifts, and to be gifted one means you are loved ALOT!

We especially love this comment left on a web blog, from MOM103297:

'They have independently cured my newborn of reflux, chibebe saved my life!'

We get these comments alot, and we never get tired of hearing it!

If you head on over to Mums Delivery, you can see comments like this one from Kirsten, who says: 

"Best thing I ever got for my DS. I wish l knew about this when l had my first and second, but now l do, l feel privileged to have one, and i can already tell that it will come in handy for alot more years to come. Stoked!"

And then there is another from a cool chickie named Annabelle, who says this:

"I can’t speak highly enough of the chibebe snuggle pod. it has helped me get around the house and do things while my DD is safely sleeping in it, and l take it from room to room with me, without disturbing her sleep. i tell everyone about it, and the ones with little ones also want one for their child after seeing how much she loves it. it is the single most handy product i have purchased for my baby, and it was worth every cent, and i would have paid more than the $99 price now that l know how much it has helped me, saved her from restlessness due to reflux and made her able to be a part of the family when we are all eating and doing things, as she can be there with us in her pod just watching and joining in. i would go so far as to say that the chibebe snuggle pod actually makes babies happier and content in the family environment as they are never detached from the rest of the family even during meals. Love the design too!

We are so super proud of what we do, and never get sick of hearing how our products are loved by not only Bubs, but Moms and Dads the world over.

Grab your fave Snuggle Pod here at, or head over to our stockists page for more info on where you can purchase one. Have a great day!



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