A Fun Slumber Pod Upgrade

A Fun Slumber Pod Upgrade

  • 29 Oct 2012

Australian baby product company Chibebe is excited to announce the release of the latest accessory to its popular line of Slumber Pods & accessories— the Chibebe Rocker!  Inspired by customer feedback, the Chibebe Rocker takes everyone’s favorite Slumber Pods to the next level, providing an extra-soothing and comforting experience for little bubs everywhere.

“Parents had been reaching out to us,” says Chibebe founder, Paulitta Zito, “and saying how much they loved our Pods, but a lot were asking ‘Hey, where is the rocker?’ It seemed like a pretty natural next step to develop this product.”

The ultimate Chibebe “dream machine”

The new Chibebe Rocker has been designed to work with the complete line of Chibebe Slumber Pods and provides a great, new way to soothe little loved ones. As with all of Chibebe products, the new rocker has been safety and quality tested, meeting Chibebe’s high standards for quality and safety as well as Australian national standards. “Our first step is always making sure that a product gives bubs a healthy and comforting experience.” says Zito, “We set the bar high.”

Excitement is in the air
The first shipment sold out pretty much before its arrival on our shores, and pre-orders are already coming in from loyal Chibebe customers who have gotten word of the new Rocker. “It’s a fun time,” says Zito. “There’s real enthusiasm for this product on our team and from the customers.” For more information on Chibebe’s new Rocker, visit www.chibebe.com.au .


About Chibebe

Chibebe (pronounced chi-be-be) is a baby range of high quality, tested products. Chibebe isn’t just another baby brand. It’s the brand that parents come to when they not only care about their child, but also style and, most importantly, safety.


Chibebe deals with an accredited agency for testing compliance that is familiar with the company, and understands the Chibebe need for high quality. Products are not only tested for mandatory Australian standards, but also for additional voluntary standards, to meet the health and safety needs for your baby.

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