Chibebe and CWL Unite in Support

Chibebe and CWL Unite in Support

  • 03 Jan 2012

Chibebe, the Australian brand carrying the popular Chibebe Slumber Pods, has joined up with New Jersey, USA-based organization, Coping with Laryngomalacia (CWL), to advocate for Australian infants suffering from laryngomalacia (LM) and their parents.   Coping with Laryngomalacia was founded as a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide support, strength and education for parents, families and patients coping with LM. It is made up of an all-volunteer team. Some CWL programs include a blanket donation program for babies recovering from LM surgery, a formula donation program, and a breastfeeding support team. CWL also runs an online support group on Facebook that helps over 700 people coping with LM.   Having heard of CWL's crucial work in raising awareness and providing solutions for infants suffering from this condition, Chibebe was eager to ally itself with this important non-profit. Chibebe's first commitment is always to the health and well-being of infants; as such, an organization like CWL was a natural fit. Moreover, Chibebe's own Slumber Pods have been reported by parents and carers to provide a sleeping and resting solution for LM infants to make a significant difference to the symptoms that accompany LM, including respiratory difficulties and gastroesophageal reflux.   Having been approached by an Australian parent of a baby with LM, for a Slumber Pod in an effort to relieve her babys symptoms, Chibebe was informed that support and products to help relieve LM was not ample in Australia, and in fact, that the only support group available to them, from their knowledge, was a US based one, called Coping with Laryngomalacia.   Moving ahead, Chibebe and CWL are looking forward to a productive and mutually supportive relationship that can and will make a big difference in the lives of children with LM and their families. - See more at:

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