Chibebe — Bringing True Designer Style to Baby

Chibebe — Bringing True Designer Style to Baby

Chibebe — Bringing True Designer Style to Baby

Australian baby product company Chibebe has recently expanded their exclusive range of designer baby beanbags, making the two brands combined the largest range of high-quality, designer baby bean bag seats in the world.

Starting with Chibebe’s generic line of designer seating solutions for babies and children circa 2007, the product became a huge success; the Chibebe brand was born with the reputation of highest quality and design, and the clever company then expanded to include the charming and accessible extended range in 2013. They have quickly built a reputation in the world of baby products for their top quality, high safety standards, and stellar aesthetic, created in-house by founder Paulitta Zito and her design team.

A Designer’s Attention to Detail
Both lines reflect the dedication to craftsmanship and design that Zito has made the company’s focus since its inception. “With Chibebe, you’re really getting the complete package,” says Zito. “Every aspect of our bean bag seating solutions has been created and branded with laser focus. They’re real crafted pieces, just like you would expect from a true design house.” Zito and her in-house design team guide and perfect each and every design in the two lines from start to finish, beginning with ideas and sketches, and co-creations to perfect those designs,  and following each item through voluntary safety testing and finalisation.

“There’s no farming out work here,” Zito elaborates. “Our designs are of our own choosing and co-creation, and we work to keep them a distinct and true expression of the unique Chibebe look and style.” Chibebe incorporates its logo and styling into every component of its baby beanbags. “With a Chibebe seat,” says Zito, “you’re getting a branded piece made with care, just like when you purchase a great genuine designer handbag, say.”


For more information on Chibebe and their products, visit www.chibebe.com.


About Chibebe

Chibebe (pronounced chi-be-be), is a baby range of high quality, tested products. It isn't just any old baby brand. It is the brand that parents come to when they not only care about their child, but also style and, most importantly, safety.

The Chibebe brand deal with an accredited agency for testing compliance that is familiar with the company behind the names, and understands their need for high quality. Products are not only tested for mandatory Australian standards, but also for additional voluntary standards, to meet the high standards Chibebe holds for the health and safety needs for your baby.

And thats the Chibebe® difference.