Chibebe Launches New Site, New Ranges

Chibebe Launches New Site, New Ranges

Chibebe Launches New Site, New Ranges

2016 was a massive year for Chibebe. We finally achieved our dream of launching in the USA, and have found that you are just as passionate about our brand as we are.

We always super busy focusing on handling the demand our brand requires, but mostly, to create some awesome cool, amazing new designs for the Snuggle Pod range. This latest range is by far the most exciting designs we have created, and we're super excited about them!

chibebe snuggle pod hoot design


Meet WOODLANDS (below)! It's a world of wonder and fun, where the trees are funky and the birds fly amongst the leaves. It's bright and colorful and is one of our most favorite designs to date. We're super proud of this baby, and we can't wait for everyone to hear about it!

And below is HOOT! Inspired by Owls....obviously! We had a hoot creating this one! The colors are absolutely gorgeous and keep with our tradition of 'bright yet light' colors. Pastel owls never looked so good!
We are always creating new designs, and they just get better and better. The above new designs are just an indication of how versatile the Chibebe brand is, and how we cater for everyone, and every taste.

Which is your fave design?