Chibebe.....Nice Name. How'd We Choose It?

Chibebe.....Nice Name. How'd We Choose It?

  • 23 Feb 2016

Did you know?....

Started circa 2007 as a no name brand on Ebay, and then, after immediate and great success, using the name GPO (go play outside), and then deciding upon the cool name, Retro Owl, we have gone through numerous name changes as our popularity grew…..we had to keep trying to find a name that resonated best with our ever growing clientele!

Once we settled on the name, Chibebe, we just knew we were on a winner. The Chibebe name has successfully pursued a path defined by a dedication to quality, the best manufacturing techniques, and inveterate style.

So even before Chibebe was born, it’s predecessors made us the first company in Australia to introduce baby beanbags to the Australian market. We knew others would follow, so we worked hard to be the best, and remain so to this day, and strive to always remain the most trusted name in everything we do and stand for. As we decided to grow the Chibebe brand, we had to apply names to our products to differentiate between them, so the Chibebe baby beanbag became the Slumber Pod.  These innovative seating solutions were emblematic of the Chibebe ethos; with their well-made and ultra-safe structures, attention to detail, and standout visual designs, Chibebe Slumber Pods started a trend that is still in full-force to this day. In 2011, Chibebe evolved the concept of the Slumber Pod, transforming it into the Snuggle Pod to emphasise the fact that these seating solutions encourage engagement in a child and are designed to allow babies to interact with their worlds. There are no plans to change what is now a perfect brand and product name, and equally popular resonance with it from fans of our products.

Since its founding, Chibebe has remained dedicated to its core principles, creating safe, quality products for infants and children. With its new sister line, Bambeano, Chibebe is exploring new and exciting ways for customers and their bubs to enjoy its baby bean bags. Moving forward, Chibebe plans on developing more charming and engaging designs while always remaining true to their mission to develop the best and safest products for children.

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