Chibebe Teams With NBCF

Chibebe Teams With NBCF

  • 02 Sep 2012

Australian baby product company Chibebe is pleased to announce what will be an productive and inspiring partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Via this partnership, the team at Chibebe will be helping to raise funds that will go toward vital research in the areas of curing and preventing breast cancer. As a company focused on the well-being of mums and their children, the team at Chibebe feels that this issue is one that is very close to their hearts. “So much of our efforts at Chibebe goes toward keeping mum, baby, and the whole family happy,” says Chibebe co-founder Paulitta Zito. “The fact that we can help do something so integral to the health and wellness of the family really means a lot to us.”

Proceeds from Sales to go to NBCF

As part of their campaign to help the NBCF, Chibebe will be donating proceeds from sales of their PINK line of products towards the research and prevention efforts of the NBCF.  For every PINK Chibebe Baby Bean Bag sold, Chibebe will donate $20 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation; for every PINK spare beanbag seat sold, $5 will be donated. It’s something that Zito believes will appeal to Chibebe fans. “Our customers are conscientious people, who make well-considered choices with their purchasing power,” says Zito. “We feel that this new partnership will really appeal to their core values as consumers who want to see their dollars result in real value.” 

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