Chibebe USA is now proudly supporting Coping With LM!

Chibebe USA is now proudly supporting Coping With LM!

  • 13 Sep 2016

For many years, our Australian based Chibebe channel has been working with the awesome cool guys over at Coping With Laryngomalacia (LM), and have been providing Bubs suffering from LM with our Snuggle Pods, to help them breathe easier.

Now, with the launch of Chibebe in the USA, we are able to now help Bubs right here also, via a program run over at the Coping with LM website.

What is laryngomalacia?

Infants with laryngomalacia will often present with inspiratory stridor; a sort of wheezing or high-pitched squeak that occurs during breathing. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod has been designed to significantly alleviate reflux and make a huge difference to a child with laryngomalacia. Our Australian HQ have been longtime supporters with the bunch over at Coping With LM, in its efforts to improve the lives and conditions of children suffering from this condition.

We have shipped the Chibebe brand all the way to consumers from Australia to the USA and Canada for many years now, and it was the most obvious choice, to set up a base here to better provide for our customers. With the launch of the Chibebe brand in the USA, comes some better opportunities to help sufferers of LM via the Coping With LM program, as this could not viably be done from our Australian quarters.

If your baby suffers from Laryngomalacia, you must apply for the Coping With LM program here .

We cannot accept applications via our website, as part of our sponsorship with them. 

And as they say over at Coping With LM: Breathe easy.

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