Coping with LM and relief with the Snuggle Pod by Chibebe

Coping with LM and relief with the Snuggle Pod by Chibebe

  • 02 Jul 2017

Does your baby suffer from an Infantile Breathing Disorder, laryngomalacia, tracheomalcia, bronchomalacia or reflux? 

Stephanie Hueston, Founder and President of Coping with LM, Inc., in conjunction with Dr. Prasad John Thottam and Dr. Suzanne Forman have a short E-Book out "When It's More Than Noisy Breathing". This short book is a great FREE resource in helping parents understand and cope with the effects of LM and other Infantile Breathing Disorders. Check out the E-Book "When It's More Than Noisy Breathing".

"Patients with mild and moderate laryngomalacia are able to be treated with positioning and anti-reflux medications." The Snuggle Pod by Chibebe does just that. It allows you to position your baby in any position from seated to laying flat, even on an incline. These are proven techniques that help your baby get relief from reflux and breathing difficulties. It even helps prevent flat head by molding to your baby's head with the soft surface. 

Chibebe has partnered with Coping with LM, Inc. to help babies suffering with LM and Gerd Reflux. 

Kayla said, "From the parents of two LM boys, thank you for helping babies with laryngomalacia and GERD, and for your wonderful support of Coping With Laryngomalacia, Inc.!  We are truly touched by your kindness!"

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