Great Baby Shower Ideas

Great Baby Shower Ideas

  • 29 Jan 2014

Great Baby Shower Ideas

Got another Baby Shower coming up and fresh out of gift ideas? Here’s a list of some stellar items that will keep the recipient happy and solidify your reputation as one of the best gift givers around.

Take care of the birth announcements – A lot of online services these days let parents customize their birth announcements easily and efficiently online, choosing from a wide array of fun styles and schemes. Consider giving a package deal to one of these sites that will deliver a trouble-free way for mom to deal with formalities after the birth of her child.

Don’t forget Papa!Showers traditionally focus on mom, but consider looking into a gift that can benefit both mum and dad. A spa day for both of the parents? Maybe an offer to babysit the little one so they can enjoy a date night out? Explore some ideas that will bring both parents into the fold and have them both finding solace once their busy new lifestyle arrives! A Chibebe Snuggle Pod is the ideal solution for a gift for both Mum AND Dad. They will love you for it! And so will Bub!

Get a Snuggle Pod for the new Little Snuggler – One of the biggest requests on a baby shower list, is a genuine Chibebe® Snuggle Pod®. They are the only choice for a delightful, safe, and stylish baby bean bag chair, that have been specially designed to keep baby comfortable and engaged with the world.

Personalized Onesies – As any new parent can tell you, there are never enough onesies in the drawer. Think about sidestepping the elaborate party dresses and giving a collection of reliable, tried and true onesies. Want to make it a unique gift? Add a personalized touch – an embroidered initial set, maybe even a logo that’s a one-of-a-kind choice for the new baby! Use your creativity and see what you can do to make this useful gift a really fun baby shower gift.

Any of these ideas will bring a special touch to your next Baby Shower. Remember, a well-considered gift is always the most valued so give some thought to making your next shower gift something that really adds love, value, comfort, and security to the new bundle of joy’s life. 

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