New Pods Coming Soon!

New Pods Coming Soon!

  • 14 Apr 2012

Popular Australian company Chibebe is happy to announce the release of three NEW designs to its stylish line of Chibebe Slumber Pods. Already the most fashion-forward baby bean bag brand in Australia, Chibebe is excited to bring this next batch of fun and effervescent designs to customers.  “These designs are some of my favorites so far,” says Chibebe founder, Paulitta Zito, “They provide a wide range in terms of style choices, and they’re also really fun and funky.” The new Slumber Pod lines— Serendipity, Retro Bubbles, and Hippy Daze— all have the bold and graphic look that have come to define the signature style of Chibebe Slumber Pods. They also have Chibebe’s trademark design flexibility, making a stylish statement while blending with any home’s décor.

The Best & Safest Baby Products

As with all of Chibebe products, the new designs meet Chibebe’s high standards for quality and safety. “What we really try to do,” says Zito, “is blend a style awareness with a commitment to giving little bubs the safest and best quality products possible.” All of Chibebe’s Slumber Pods ranges are quality tested and meet Australian mandatory national standards. In an over and above effort, they even meet voluntary standards to make them the safest baby bean bag product on the Austarlian market today.

Moving Forward

The team at Chibebe is looking forward to sharing these new designs with old and new customers alike in the coming months. Plans are also already underway for new lines before the end of the year. “We always like to keep things fresh for our customers,” says Zito. “A big part of that is staying on trend with designs that keep Mum happy as well as keeping baby snug!”

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