Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Chibebe®?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Chibebe®?

  • 01 May 2018

The Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® is the worlds #1 baby beanbag, and it's no wonder! We've probably helped your little one have the best seat in the house, so you might be a fan, but how much do you really know about Chibebe®? Let's find out!


Q. When was the Chibebe® brand launched, and where?

A. Chibebe® was born in Australia, circa 2007. It was Australias original baby bean bag, and continues to be the most popular brand to this day, thanks to the high regard we give to the safety and design of our Snuggle Pod® and accessories.


Q. What does "Chibebe" mean?

A. The name 'Chibebe' was an 'accidental' name! The Snuggle Pod® is the brainchild of an Aussie 'chick', Paulitta, who asked her Mauritian Mother-In-Law how to say 'little baby' in Creole, to be told what sounded to her like 'chi bebe'. Turns out, Paulitta's 'good ear' didn't pick up on the exact pronunciation, and she went ahead and branded her entire collection of Snuggle Pods with the 'chibebe' logo. One day, her MIL popped into the warehouse where Paulitta and Co were unloading their latest container shipment, and, pointing at a carton of Pods that just arrived, with the Chibebe logo emblazoned across it, asked' what does that say?'. Paulitta laughed and said 'chibebe, of course'! Her MIL said, 'no, it isn't spelt like that'!! Turns out, the correct spelling was not as 'lovely' as the way Paulitta heard it the first time, and she kept it the way you see it today! Kind of Serendipitous, don't you think...?


Q. How do you pronounce 'chibebe'?

A. Obviously, creator of the brand, Paulitta, spelt it like she heard it, which is 'chi-bè-bè'. So let's go with that...


Q. Why do Snuggle Pod's cost more than some other baby bean bags?

A. Chibebe® are possibly the worlds only baby bean bag brand who will have their products tested in a consumer testing lab, to ensure our products are safe for your child. We test our products for things that you probably don't even think about, like the level of chemicals used in making patterns or simply plain dyes on fabrics, and the strength of small parts, like zipper pullers and buckles etc. Unfortunately for most people, they do not consider these things until it is too late, so we do the thinking for you and test our products on a regular basis to ensure they are considered safe for use by your baby. These things mean that we can't sell our baby bean bags at a cheap price, and we'll never sacrifice your baby's safety to do so. If price is a factor in your purchasing decision, it is best not to buy at all, than to put your childs safety at risk for a cheaper, less superior product.


Q. Does the Snuggle Pod really prevent reflux & flathead in babies?

A. Parents and carers all over the world rave about the benefits of our Snuggle Pods, including hundreds of online reviews that the Pod has relieved their childs reflux, and prevented flathead in their baby. Google it! We're super proud that our Pods have been reported to help babies and parents alike in these distressing times, and it keeps us motivated to always be our best.


Q. How is the Snuggle Pod better than other brands?

A. Firstly, we don't consider many other baby beanbags to be 'brands'. A title of 'brand' must be earnt. To create a brand takes years of hard work and investment. Chibebe® is a brand focused on the highest quality baby products. To the shopper who only buys the best, it's obvious. Just have a geezer at our collection of Snuggle Pods. Obviously, they're exclusively designed in-house, whilst other 'brands' use run-of-the-mill fabrics that are sold in Chinese marketplaces. Their fabrics are not tested for use by babies, and may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can be toxic to humans. You see these fabrics in use across a range of other 'brands', because the fabric is bought at the market, and the beanbag is made in bulk in China, a little label popped onto it for each buyer, to make it 'branded', and sold cheap and fast.

Each and every design in the Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® collection is made exclusively for us, and even features our logo IN the actual pattern design. Our fabrics do not contain DEHP or other harmful chemicals.

Every element of our Snuggle Pods is a well thought out one. From our logo embossed buckles to our water resistant lined, padded seat tops which are made from a soft, cool fabric and not a suede type sweat inducing one, the Chibebe® brand oozes quality and assurance. 


Q. Why don't Chibebe® sell other stuff?

A. We believe in specialising in things, especially if you're going to sell baby products. We are specialists in baby beanbags and we would prefer to work hard to have the perfect baby seating solution and make amazing accessories for it, than lose credibility selling something else that is in no way related to it.


Q. What is Chibebe's mantra?

A. Be cool. Be cool. Be cool. Yep, we just want to always be cool. But not as in, too cool for school cool (say that fast 3 times!). Well, that too, but mainly in our thinking, in our approach to our operations from day to day, in the way we conduct ourselves and especially, in the way we deal with customers. We can't please everyone, but we try, and that means we work super hard to meet your expectations of us. So being cool headed helps too! Being cool is an all-inclusive term for being the best at everything you do, and we strive to always be cool.


Q. What are the key features of the Snuggle Pod that makes it different.

A. Padded seats. Waterproof lining on all seats (for those little accidents!). Interchangeable seat tops (new zippers from May 2018 will be compatible with all future Pods & spare Seats!). Accessories (ie: Pod Rocker, Pod Warmer). Exclusive designs.  Logo embossed buckle & zipper. Water resistant base for outdoor use.  Inner bag for filling (which makes it possible to easily remove the beans for washing or storage of the beanbag cover!). 


Q. Who designs the patterns on the Snuggle Pod®?

A. Our designs are created exclusively for us, in-house. Sometimes, when we are on the lookout for new talent, we will run a contest for designers to submit their ideas, which allows us to broaden the scope of applicants, to see their skills and get the best designer to work with us. Chibebe® is known for our designs, so we're super fussy about who we work with, and that's why we like to keep it in-house and tight, like family.


Q. How often do Chibebe release new products?

A. We like to release new designs on a regular basis and rarely go more than 2 years without a new release of some sort. Our latest release saw the new 'monochrome' collection, and 2 new additions to the woodlands collection, Flamingo Heart Donuts & Moxie Foxie.


If you have a question for us, let us know in comments below!

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