The dangers of buying from unauthorised sellers

The dangers of buying from unauthorised sellers

  • 29 Apr 2018

We live in a day and age where unethical sellers are rife, and as the Chibebe® brand grows, we remain super strict on who we allow to sell our products.

Buying from anywhere that is not an authorised seller of Chibebe® products means you are not protected by our warranty, and are potentially buying an unsafe product.

You see, the Snuggle Pod® is more than just a beanbag. It is a bean bag for babies, which means we feel an immense responsibility to ensure they are safe for use by newborns. Our fabrics are tested to be safe from harmful chemicals, and our parts are tested to be strong and safe also.

You might find a product that is cheaper, but this likely means that that seller has not invested the time and money into ensuring the product is safe for babies.

There are ALOT of sellers in the world who will sell anything, to anyone, without thought or consequence. They can disappear without a trace once their dodgy antics are found out, and you, the distressed parent, is left with regret that you didn't spend that few extra dollars for peace of mind.

It is deeply disturbing to know that there are people selling unethical and unsafe baby products this way. And by buying from them, just to save a few dollars, you are supporting them. If you are reading this, you are obviously one who cares about quality and ethics, especially when it comes to baby products.

Making products safe for use by babies might mean a slightly higher price tag, but this means that you can be a proud parent, knowing that you have done right by your child, by not cutting corners, and ensuring they have the safest possible product. The Chibebe® shopper is the assertive, savvy parent or gifter, who only buys the best for their child, or the child they are gifting. You are a true representation of a Chibebe® customer.

When it comes to making products for babies, safety comes first at Chibebe®. And that's why we only endorse those sellers listed on our authorised sellers page.

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