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Shipping & Delivery

  • Shipping & Delivery
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Returns & Refunds

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Returns & Refunds


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  • Snuggle Pod FAQ's
  • Pod Warmer FAQ's
  • Zipper FAQ's
  • Bean Filling FAQ's
  • Reflux, Flathead & Laryngomalacia
  • Download Snuggle Pod Manual
  • Does the Chibebe Snuggle Pod meet set safety standards?

    Your baby's safety is our #1 priority. We have our products regularly tested conducted in a world renowned consumer testing laboratory to make sure we have the safest and most secure product for your child. In fact, they not only meet the required standards, but exceed them in most cases!

    What should you know before buying a baby beanbag?

    Safety is key. When buying for your young ones— especially newborns— it's important to know what safety measures the manufacturer has taken to ensure it is a baby-safe product.

    For Example:

    1) Has the material been tested for unsafe elements that could harm your baby?

    2) The outer base coating….is it plastic (PVC) or fabric with a water resistant lining? (Plastic obviously has a much higher flammability danger; therefore, it would seem logical to use a water resistant fabric instead).

    With so many different types of baby beanbags out there now, it's important to know what to look for.

    Right from the start Chibebe has gone above & beyond required mandatory standards. Chibebe Snuggle Pods regularly undergo a series of voluntary baby safe testing performed by accredited and internationally recognised testing laboratory.

    When a baby or child uses a Chibebe product, you can rest assured that in addition to voluntary& in-house  standards practices, the Chibebe brand has gone even further toward ensuring a baby safe product for your child by having them regularly tested by a 3rd party consumer testing laboratory. 

    What age is the Snuggle Pod suitable for?

    The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is designed for, and tested for use from birth to all ages! It is specifically designed for newborn babies, using the baby harness seat, and this would be used for about 7-8 months depending on the size your baby and their strength and co-ordination skills.

    After that, the Chibebe Snuggle Pods can be used by bigger children by switching over the infant harness seat top for the toddler top (no harness), which is perfect for children up to about 8 years of age. They are so comfy, we even use them here at Chibebe HQ for pow wows!

    What's included in my Snuggle Pod purchase?

    You get much more than you pay for when you purchase a Chibebe Snuggle Pod. Aside from the behind-the-scenes action, such as our exclusive design process, product development R&D, and laboratory testing included, you get:

    • Your choice of Snuggle Pod base pattern beanbag cover

    • Baby seat top (with harness, for use from the day Baby is born)

    • Toddler seat top (no harness, for use once Baby is able to sit unaided)

    • Inner monogrammed Snuggle Pod bean filling sleeve (aka: inner bag), for easy bean removal for washing or storage of the patterned cover

    • Designer product packaging

    • Designer tote bag. Perfectly sized for gifting the Snuggle wrapping paper required!

    • Instruction and information booklet (aka manual)

    • 12 Months Limited Warranty

    (Please note: Beans are not included)

    How do I fill the Snuggle Pod?

    Easy……. Every beanbag comes with its own internal Chibebe monogrammed beanbag filling sleeve (aka: inner bag). This is the same shape of the outer cover. Using a paper clip, unzip the beanbag sleeve and pour the beans in. We recommend filling the beanbag sleeve in a bathtub, this way you can quickly clean up any over-spills of beans. You then simply pop this inner bag into the Snuggle Pod base cover from underneath, making sure the shape of the inner bag and cover match, by slipping the inner bag in 'head first' so that it meets the top of the cover on the inside. The rest should settle nicely inside the cover. Don't forget to remove the paperclip from the zipper afterwards!

    Where can I purchase the beans?

    A.Beans can be purchased from your local department store, like Walmart. It will cost approximately $16 for a 100lt bag.

    How many beans are needed to fill up a Snuggle Pod?

    A.10,986 beans, to be exact...but a less precise way we can recommend is that you fill the Snuggle Pod three quarters full— approximately 65-70 litres of beans to fill a Snuggle Pod for a newborn (about 2/3 of the 100lt bag). Remember, the more beans you add, the harder the Snuggle Pod becomes. If fewer beans are added, the more the baby will sink further into the Snuggle Pod.

    In the end, it is up to the discretion of the carer to ensure the right amount of beans for the ultimate Podding experience for Baby!

    How do l know if l have over-filled or under-filled the beanbag?

    An inclined seated position is the best position for Baby to get the best use of their Snuggle Pod. It enables them to be involved with the world around them, and is the best position to help relieve any reflux symptoms they may experience. It also means that the Pod is stable on flat surfaces.

    You will be able to tell if the bag is too full if you cannot shuffle it to an inclined, upright seated position.

    It is too empty if you shuffle it to a seated position and can feel the floor through the seat top.

    Please note that it is up to the carer to determine when it is full enough. For more information, refer to the instruction booklet.

    When should I replace the Baby Harness seat with the Toddler seat?

    Every child is unique! The right time for this transition should not be based only on size, but also on your child's level of strength and coordination. If you insist on an answer, about 7-8 months old would be average, as they start to get a little fidgety and just want to get out and about and on their feet at this age, and don't want to be restricted by a harness!

    Who else uses the Snuggle Pod?

    Chibebe Snuggle Pods are used in hospitals, medical centers, special baby practices and by thousands of happy babies all over the world!

    Can the Snuggle Pod replace my baby's cot?

    Baby bean bags are not designed as replacements for a bed or a cot. The Snuggle Pod is designed first and foremost to help relieve baby reflux and flathead symptoms. The bonus is that they are super comfy for baby, and for you to be able to keep baby near you at all times, wherever you are. This means that baby is safe and comfortable always. It is because of all these factors, that Moms and Dads are saying that they don't know what they would have done without one!

    If you have a Baby who refuses to sleep in anything else except their Snuggle Pod, or who suffers reflux and needs the Snuggle Pod to help relieve their symptoms, we recommend popping him/her in their Pod until they get drowsy and relaxed, and transfer them to their cot.

    How do l clean my Chibebe Baby Bean Bag?

    Seat Top:

    Simply unzip the seat from the base and pop into large delicates washbag, and wash on gentle cycle, in cold water. Dry naturally or in dryer on low setting.


    By Hand: Simply dab with a damp cloth. You can use a good fabric cleaner and follow the directions for it, but a damp cloth is normally enough. 

    Machine Wash: Remove the inner bean casing and wash the whole bag in cold water, on gentle cycle. Dry naturally or on low setting in dryer.


  • Can I use the Pod Warmer with any seat top?

    No. The Pod Warmer comes with it's very own baby seat which features a 2nd zipper, for the Blanket top to attach to. We don't have this extra zipper on other seat tops, for those who live in warmer climates and who don't require a blanket top.

    The Pod Warmer can be used with any Chibebe Snuggle Pod.

    When can l start using the Pod Warmer?

    From the day Baby is born! It features a button down top part, which can be un-buttoned, for use as Baby gets bigger. It is perfect for use through the cooler months after Baby is born.

    Why not just use a normal baby blanket?

    We feel that it is not safe to lay a loose blanket over babies, because they can easily pull the blanket over their little heads, and not only become very scared and unable to remove it, but there may also be a risk of suffocation.

    The Pod Warmer is designed specifically for the Snuggle Pod, and means that Baby is safe and warm at all times.


  • My zipper is broken! Oh no!

    You can't open the zipper to insert the beans, and now the world feels like it has ended. You're already super tired from being up all night with poor Baby, who has reflux, and you just want to help relieve it by filling up the Pod and using it!! Then you will be able to sit down, put your feet up and have a cup of coffee. But, now your zipper is broken!

    Don't despair! The zipper isn't broken! It is simply the law, to have the zipper puller removed on parts of the bean bag that allow access to the filling, so that little hands can't open it, and get inside the beanbag, and potentially swallow the beans, or lock themselves inside it, and suffocate. 

    All you have to do, is pop a paperclip under the little latch that is inside the teeny weeny hole in the zipper head, and lift it up to unlock it, and open the zipper up!

    Remember though, after you close the zipper, remove the paperclip! 

    Totes lovin' the logo on the zipper puller

    Yeah, so do we. It also proves the authenticity of the product, so it is much more than just a pretty feature.


    Just normal ones! By that we mean the ones from your local Walmart or Home Depot, or any good department store. We offer them for sale on this site, when you purchase a Snuggle Pod, which is a great option for those buying as a gift for someone, and having us send it direct to the recipient, or for those who don't have a store close by to visit.


    Easy peasy! Every beanbag comes with its own internal Chibebe monogrammed beanbag sleeve. Using a paper clip, unzip the beanbag sleeve and pour the beans in. We recommend filling the beanbag sleeve in a bathtub, this way you can quickly clean up any overspills of beans. You then simply pop this inner bag into the Snuggle Pod base cover from underneath, making sure the shape of the inner bag and cover match, by slipping the inner bag in 'head first' so that it meets the top of the cover inside. The rest should settle nicely inside the cover. Don't forget to remove the paperclip from the zipper afterwards!


    10,986 beans, to be exact...but a less precise way we can recommend is that you fill the Snuggle Pod three quarters full— approximately 65-70 litres of beans (about 2/3 of a 100lt bag). Remember, the more beans you add, the harder the Snuggle Pod becomes. If fewer beans are added, the more the baby will sink further into the Snuggle Pod. You want a nicely inclined (upright) seat. In the end, it is up to the discretion of the carer to ensure the right amount of beans for the ultimate Podding experience for Baby!

    As Baby grows, and is able to sit upright, unaided, you will start to use the toddler seat, and we recommend removing some beans as they grow to make it more comfy and inclined for them.

  • How does the Snuggle Pod help with Reflux?

    Every mom and dad knows the story... you've just had a pleasant feeding with your new little one and he or she has settled down for a nice rest, when the cries start up! Your once happy, relaxed baby is now in real pain and is not having the kind of post-feeding experience you would hope for!

    Many little ones suffer from gastroesophageal reflux after feeding. Most often reflux manifests in pain from gas bubbles and is accompanied by spitting up. In severe cases- known as gastroesophageal reflux disease- an infant can manifest severe secondary symptoms like weight loss and respiratory disorders.

    Chibebe Snuggle Pods have been reported to be a great way to alleviate and prevent reflux symptoms. The Snuggle Pod was designed to be flexible and respond to you and your baby's needs – post-feeding, just adjust the position of the beans to allow your baby to sit with his or her head in a more elevated position. By keeping your little one's head elevated, the pod has been reported to significantly reduce the symptoms of infant reflux and make sure that your little one has the kind of restful and healthful feeding experience that allows him or her to grow and flourish.

    How does the Snuggle Pod prevent Flathead?

    Flathead is a medical condition – more formally known as positional plagiocephaly- in which an infant develops a significant flattening at the back of the head or on the side of the head. The condition is most often the result of lying on certain surfaces for prolonged periods of time.

    Occurrences of Flathead have increased significantly in recent years due to physician guidelines on the positioning of sleeping infants. Since the majority of practitioners advise safe sleeping on the back, more infants have been developing flat head as a result of spending a large amount of time on their backs on flat crib surfaces.

    Chibebe Snuggle Pods have been reported by those who care for babies, to make a significant difference in preventing the development of Flathead. By nestling an infant on a flexible surface that also keeps pressure off the head by keeping it slightly elevated, Chibebe Snuggle Pods are one of the best ways to avoid or reduce the condition. Chibebe's bean bag-design allows the Snuggle Pod to respond to a child's form, instead of forcing the child to adjust to the pod itself. Chibebe Snuggle Pods are really one of the best ways to keep your baby healthy and feeling happy!

    What is Laryngomalacia, and how does the Snuggle Pod help?

    Laryngomalacia (LM) is a disorder of the larynx in infants that can cause respiratory and, at times, associated feeding difficulties. The causes of laryngomalacia have not been cornered, some evidence suggests there may be a genetic link.

    Infants with laryngomalacia will often present with inspiratory stridor, a sort of wheezing or high-pitched squeak that occurs during breathing. While in rare cases surgery is needed, most cases of laryngomalacia are healed through rest and time. A particularly helpful practice is avoiding gastroesophageal reflux in children with laryngomalacia; children with laryngomalacia who experience associated digestive issues like reflux can exacerbate the condition and even experience additional collapse of the larynx.

    This is where Chibebe Snuggle Pods come in. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod has been designed to significantly alleviate reflux and make a huge difference to a child with laryngomalacia. With this in mind, we are committed to raising awareness of this disorder and supporting all the parents and babies suffering from this condition. We support the organization Coping With Laryngomalacia in its efforts to improve the lives and conditions of children suffering from this condition.

    If you live in the USA, and your baby has LM, Tracheomalacia (TM) or Bronchomalacia (BM), and you would like to benefit from the Chibebe Snuggle Pod program to ease their discomfort, please visit CWL here.

    Please note that Chibebe do not accept the above mentioned requests through the Chibebe website. You must visit the CWL site for any enquiries relating to the Snuggle Pod Program held with CWL.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Most asked questions

Benefits of the Snuggle Pod?
Everyone knows that the Chibebe Snuggle Pod is a must-have for new parents, and those who never had one before...but there may be more to our pods than meets the eye! They are actually designed for babies, and parents alike! From being portable for you to carry from room to room, and car to home, as you go about your day, to possibly helping to relieve reflux and prevent flathead in babies, find out how super awesome the Snuggle Pod is here.
What does a Snuggle Pod come with?
  • 1 x Chibebe Designer Base Beanbag Cover

    1 x Baby Seat (with harness) for use from Birth

    1 x Toddler Seat (no harness) for use from when Bub can sit unaided, and through to tweenage years

    1 x Removable Inner Filling Bag for beans, for easy washing and storage of the beanbag cover

    1 x Instruction Booklet

    1 x Designer Packaging

    1 x Chibebe Gift Card (just in case you are gifting your Chibebe purchase)

How do we work for strategic plans
  • Paper gift bags only get used once, right? What a waste! That's why we worked with our sister brand, FUHOKI, to design an exclusive line of eco-friendly gift bags, that go on to be used forever more as a high-end, designer tote bag!

    Designed for fussy gifters and shoppers, you can now leave your eco-footprint...stylishly!

    Designed for high-end fashionistas, who love designer handbags and accessories, they're not branded all over with the Chibebe baby brand.

    Instead, these designer totes feature only the stunning Chibebe logo colors in each design, making them the perfect accessory to be used by funky teens to savvy twenty-somethings, to urban socialites of all ages.

    These bags are totes awesome, and are absolutely FREE with all Snuggle Pod orders!

Is a Snuggle Pod water resistant?
Yes, the designer base is water resistant, and the baby seat has a water resistant lining for those little accidents.
Are beans included?
No. This would result in the postage costing more than the beans themselves! Sending them filled also means you miss out on stunning packaging, which is designed to WOW!! Polystyrene beans can be purchased from your local Kmart or other department store for approx. $12.00AUD for a 100lt bag. Use only about 2/3 of this (60-65 lt).
What’s the suitable age group?
The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is laboratory tested for use from birth (with baby seat) through to pre-teens (with toddler seat). Newborns especially benefit from our Snuggle Pods, as they are raved about, for its ability to relieve reflux and flathead in babies!
Where do you ship to?
  • We ship to anywhere within Australia & the rest of the world, excluding New Zealand & the USA& Canada.

    For orders within New Zealand, please click here

    For orders within the USA & Canada, please click here