Pod Warmer FAQ's

Can I use the Pod Warmer with any seat top?

No. The Pod Warmer comes with it's very own baby seat which features a 2nd zipper, for the Blanket top to attach to. We don't have this extra zipper on other seat tops, for those who live in warmer climates and who don't require a blanket top.

The Pod Warmer can be used with any Chibebe Snuggle Pod.

When can l start using the Pod Warmer?

From the day Baby is born! It features a button down top part, which can be un-buttoned, for use as Baby gets bigger. It is perfect for use through the cooler months after Baby is born.

Why not just use a normal baby blanket?

We feel that it is not safe to lay a loose blanket over babies, because they can easily pull the blanket over their little heads, and not only become very scared and unable to remove it, but there may also be a risk of suffocation.

The Pod Warmer is designed specifically for the Snuggle Pod, and means that Baby is safe and warm at all times.