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She loves the Foxie Moxie Chair!!

I was looking for something baby girl could sit in due to her being a preemie. None of the chairs I bought or borrowed really worked due to her being so small. But she loves her Chibebe chair and it doesn’t swallow her like the other chairs. Just waiting for the rocker bottom to come in so she will enjoy it even more!

Chevron Baby Bean Bag
kaitlin Clemens
Works like a charm

My baby was born early and has been too small for most seats and carriers. This works perfectly and he feels snug and secure. I can also easily take it from room to room to give me two free hands.

So Handy

I really like the Chibebe! My little one love laying on this. It's super easy to move around too!

Katharine Hall
Perfect Baby Seat!!

Beautiful product! Once we finally got the stuffing in we all loved it! Can’t wait to see pictures of my new grandson in it.

The Pod Rocker®
Rachelle Bolin
Love love love!!

My 3 month old loves this bean bag pod. I can finally lay him somewhere while I try to get stuff done and he falls asleep! He hates his swing and bouncy chair but this has been amazing !

The Pod Warmer®
Janie Lopez

The Pod Warmer®

Happy reflux baby

Our baby has severe reflux and enjoyed lounging on this seat. She is usually fussy. Thank you!

David Stewart
We love our Chibebe chair!

The Chibebe is an excellent extra set of hands for busy moms and a comfy place for our baby to hangout during feedings.

Hugs & Kisses
Brit Friedman
Exactly what I needed

I was looking for something to put my newborn in while I pump that was lightweight and compact. I came across the Chibebe Snuggle Pod with the rocker and knew it would be perfect. It gives me a place to put him to be comfortable and close by while I’m tethered to the pump and if he fusses I can rock him with my foot. Another great thing is it can evolve with him as he grows so I’m not getting something that I can only use short term. It’s also super easy to clean, which is great in a house with 3 boys and 2 dogs. I highly recommend the Snuggle Pod!

Love it

I love the colors and design of the pod! My baby is 3 months old and ahe absolutely adores it. So comfy. I would of loved if it came filled or gave an easier way to get the beans in. Static electricity is not a friend.

Morgan Etherington
Love it!

I absolutely love my daughters chibebe! This came in handy when she had RSV and was required to sleep sitting up right. My only recommendation would be to purchase the filling for it with Chibebe. I ordered filling from Amazon and 5 lbs is not enough so I will need to order more and it costs more than $20.

Every baby/parent needs one

I purchased one of the pods to keep at my house for when watching my grand babies…needless to say my kids liked it so well they took it home. It’s so convenient when your hands are full you can move with your feet. Rocker is also a must have…just wish you could be mechanical and a smart app control😊

Chirpy Baby Bean Bag
Monica Montenegro
Baby loves the pod!

I was a bit hesitant on purchasing this item BUT once set up my baby didn’t show interest on getting off. She loves the snuggle pod! It’s been helping her with her reflux after each feeding and very helpful while family and i want to get some quick stuff done around the house. Baby usually cries on swings but not on this amazing snuggle pod. Absolutely recommend it!

Teri Rorie
Chill-Laxing with Miss Pres!

This has been the best thing we have bought for Miss Presley! She is our first granddaughter and so far this has been the best investment! High quality material, love how it will grow with her and she will be able to take it with her pretty much anywhere.

The Pod Rocker®
Tammy Eshenour
Snuggle pod for the win!!

My twin granddaughters love their snuggle pods. This has been a lifesaver for their mommy as it is something that they will actually sit in and be occupied for a time so that she doesn’t have to hold them both all the time. It also helps tremendously with their acid reflux.

The Pod Rocker®
Amanda Hennessey
My twins love their snuggle pods!!

My twins love their snuggle pods. They sleep so well in them, and it does wonders for their acid reflux. These will be great as they grow too.

Ashley Callen

We love this Chibebe chair. Our little has horrible reflux and she loves seating and looking around in it. Great quality.

Great so far!

My baby has not used this very much yet, but if assembled following the suggestions it’s pretty easy- just time consuming because the beans like to stick to everything! So be ready with a space you can work on filling without worrying about it going everywhere. it seems very well made and easy to adjust as needed, not to mention very cute!! It’s awesome that it is something he can grow with, and supports him well. It will be nice to have something cozy for him to hang out in!!

Great bean bag for my baby

Exactly as described, cute design and easy to clean. My 10 month old loves laying in it while he drinks his milk next to me, Big hit!

Thank you so much for the kind words! So happy he loves it :)

Moxie Foxie Baby Bean Bag
KATHLEEN Johannesson
LOVE Moxie Foxie Bean Bag and rocker... READ THE DIRECTIONS!

We had fun trying to fill it with the beans. We did NOT read the directions about filling it in the bathtub and we were laughing hysterically as they popped out and stuck to our hands and clothes. Then we put too many beans in the pouch and had to take some out. READ THE DIRECTIONS and the process will be very easy!! We LOVE this Bean Bag with Rocker.

Moxie Foxie
Shelli Walters

This was for my granddaughter. She LOVES it and so does her mom.

The Pod Rocker®
Olga Izrayev

The Pod Rocker®

The Pod Warmer®
So comfy and cute

Cannot wait for my princess to make her debut to put her in it. It was easy to put together and it is so comfortable and soft and beautiful. I cannot wait to put her in it and rock her .

Moxie Foxie
Syka Jimenez
Great chair

Love this seat

Green Polka
Estella Cortes
Loves his pod

My guy loves his pod! He's comfortable lounging on it while I get some laundry or dishes done!