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The Pod Rocker®
Olga Izrayev

The Pod Rocker®

The Pod Warmer®
So comfy and cute

Cannot wait for my princess to make her debut to put her in it. It was easy to put together and it is so comfortable and soft and beautiful. I cannot wait to put her in it and rock her .

Moxie Foxie
Syka Jimenez
Great chair

Love this seat

Green Polka
Estella Cortes
Loves his pod

My guy loves his pod! He's comfortable lounging on it while I get some laundry or dishes done!

The Pod Rocker®
Mario Sanchez
Pod satisfaction

Ordered the pod rocker just missing the bean bag I had thought it came with the bean bag as well for the price pretty good pod

Woodlands Baby Bean Bag
JP From Denver
ChiBebe Is So Great!!

We love our ChiBebe so much that I bought one as a baby gift for my boss and managing broker as well! Things that are great about it: it has the zippered interchangeable seats for easy cleaning and to swap out from the one with the harness to the one with the regular seat; it has a tear dropped shape where there is a bit of a peak near where the baby is placed so that you can maneuver the seat to either be more inclined or less; and the zippers have locks that help to keep them in place, preventing them from accidental opening.

We love our ChiBebe and know you will too!!!! It is a genius design!

Frankie is lovinggggg the pod so much!

She loves sitting upright so the pod is 👌🏼

Chevron Baby Bean Bag
Brittany Peterson
Love our pod

I have a baby with pretty bad LM and GERD. The pod is a lifesaver and he is so happy!!!

Kameo Nunez
Comfort after Surgery

My little bub is a Laryngomalacia Warrior & just had surgery to correct his Pyloric Stenosis. This picture was from the day we brought him home post surgery. He found so much comfort being able to comfortably sit up and watch his favorite show, Elmos World. This seat is affordable, comfy, and innovative. It helps him breathe better & allows him to be as comfortable as possible given his circumstances. Love it & highly recommend it to everyone!

Excellent for baby!

We bought this bean bag chair for our 4-month-old who is in a Spica cast. Despite the long wait (shipping), we love the chair. It's very high quality and the baby is really comfortable in it. Worth the wait!

Rikka in customer service deserves a raise for dealing with my panicked emails about shipping delays.

<p>Everyone should know that Claire was AMAZING!! Due to this whole covid catastrophe, postage was delayed at the carriers end and we felt helpless. Claire was amazing and for her to leave this review after the shipping delays shows just how awesome Chibebe customers truly are, and is why we do what we do. Thanks Claire....we'll pass your comments onto our amazing Rikka, and happy podding!</p>

<p>PS: Bub is adorable and so happy we could help keep your brave hip dysplasia Bub comfy :)</p>

Incredible Product!

I love the Bloom design and my baby rests in it all day. He has reflux badly and this has helped us to no end. he doesn't have it at all when he's in his Snuggle pod! I went from a crying baby and a crying me(!) to a happy baby and happy me. Thanks Chibebe!

Chirpy Baby Bean Bag
Amber Mcjunkin
Parker's Breathing Easy!!

Parker LOVES his new snuggle pod! He can breath easy and practice sitting like a big boy with the baby seat!

The Pod Warmer®
Tira Bautista
My twins looove them!

Our twin girls love watching their morning cartoons in these snuggle pods! The blanket attachment make me so happy to know they’re safe and warm!

Love this product

My son has laryngomalacia and I love this seat to feed him and for him to play without worrying about him not being able to breathe! Thank you for this awesome product!

Wyatt loves his snuggle pod!

My little baby boy, with acid reflux issues, loves his snuggle pod! It's so soft and comfy, props him up just right, and is cute as can be. It's not heavy, the material cleans up super easy and well. I love that it will grow with him as well. The rocker accessory is awesome too!

I docked 1 star for these reasons:
*Shipping time. Took over 2 weeks from order date to receive my products.
*Not enough filling. I'm going to have to purchase extra filling because what I bought from chibebe was not near enough.
*Filling process was difficult. Beans everywhere! The hole to pour beans into the inner bag was so small! If it were just a few inches longer the filling process would be much easier. Trying to get all those staticky beans out of plastic and into the bag was a chore. I suggest selling pre-filled inner bags OR making the fill hole larger.

HOOT! Baby Bean Bag
Stacey Cowper
Loves her Hoot Snuggle Pod!

My Hoot Snuggle Pod is great to be able to put my little one down to do things two handed! Nice and comfy and can see that it will last her a long time, it’s great quality!

Baby Seat - Blue
Shannon Ransfield
My Babies Favourite Thing

I was given the snuggle pod as a gift, and it is the best gift that Ava and I were given. It is so handy to put my daughter Ava Riley in while I do the housework and I know she is secure and most importantly, she's comfortable! It is her favourite thing to be in in the afternoon while we are hanging out - and as a new mum it makes me feel at ease to know she is safe and happy! I highly recommend the pod - the designs and colour are amazing and 100% Ava approved 😍

The Pod Rocker®
Cynthia Centofanti
Baby Evelyn enjoying her Snuggle Pod

Evelyn is only 5 days old and she is loving her Pod already. Her cousins have a Pod also and they also love it. One of the best products on the market.

Gamechanging must-have!

The Chibebe snuggle pod is hands down the best baby accessory we’ve bought. We had an automatic rocker/swinger that our girl would usually sit in for 5 or maybe 10 minutes, if we were lucky. After seeing the snuggle pod online we bought it, almost questioning if it would be a waste of money and just another piece of baby junk. With a baby with reflux though we were prepared to give it a shot-anything to help with the hours we were having to hold her to help ease the reflux.
From the moment our girl first snuggled in it, she’s loved it. ‘Loved’ doesn’t seem like it really sums up just how much she enjoys being on the snuggle pod-she’ll happily pod for hours, amusing herself or enjoying chatting to whoever is around. The rocker is a cool add on-we’ll sometimes rock it with a foot, but most of the time she likes the gentle rock from just kicking her own legs. I don’t know exactly why she loves it so much, but she just seems so comfy and content in it.
The snuggle pod has quickly become a necessity in our house. It’s so light we just move it wherever we are in the house and our little girl is able to stay comfortable, part of the action and safe. A winner at helping keeping her upright to ease the reflux and she’s so cleverly strapped in we feel confident it’s secure, so much more than the rickety other swing/bouncer we have (despite paying more $ for it). It’s also helped ease my growing new mum anxiety about her favouring one side of her head when she lays down-no flat head with the super soft snuggle pod inner of beans!
We didn’t buy the pod warmer originally, thinking she would probably never stay in it long enough to justify the extra purchase. We’re definitely going to buy one now...we have no doubt she’s going to love snuggling up in her pod well into the cooler months ahead.
We bought the snuggle pod when she was about 7 weeks old...our only regret is not finding it sooner!

Tracey Maher
At long last...

Finally I have a beautiful Granddaughter to enjoy her Pod. She looks so comfy, I want to get in there too plus it’s a great angle for after feeds. Thanks for giving us such a great option.
Very happy Nanny! 😀

Gail will be 1st time grandma soon so have no video but thanks for your help

Postage an product was great so thank you 👋👋👋

Chevron Baby Bean Bag
Cathy Matthison
Happy little Podder

Our little Lenny loves his snuggle pod!! It is so versile and easy to take anywhere for him to enjoy. Easy to fill, great quality material, comfy and very handy!! Have already recommended it to two expecting mothers we know!

The Pod Rocker®
Katina Apostoleris
Fabulous Snuggler!

I brought the snuggle pod for my niece & I wanted something that could be used for years to come. The snuggle pod is exactly that gift, My niece is so comfy & content in her snuggle pod the zip on blanket is so practical no more falling off blankets. We are all very impressed with the snuggle pod!

Woodlands Baby Bean Bag Support


Woodlands Baby Bean Bag
Shannon Ransfield

Please see some photos of my daughter Ava Riley on her pod which she loves!!