We get people contacting us personally through our contact form because they really want to tell us how much they love the Chibebe Snuggle Pod baby bean bags. You can also view what other Mums are saying about our Snuggle Pods (formerly known as the Slumber Pod) on our Facebook page

Here are some snippets of emails we have received:

Sun E - QLD

The snuggle pod is a life saver in our house! It gives our reflux baby a safe, comfy, secure place to hang out, keeping him upright so he doesn't experience reflux pain. I love the zip off cover (was washed & dried within a few hours today after a poosplosion) and the soft, comforting nature of the seat & safety restraint makes the pod my baby's preferred place to be. Doesn't hurt that it's super stylish too ;) ......you've made our household VERY happy :)

Sonia Marson, Speech Pathologist

Running an office for a health professional requires aligning ourselves with companies and products that are based on sound principles of health. Especially when it comes to infants, it is incumbent upon us to investigate and use the best. We got our first Chibebe Snuggle Pod (aka Slumber Pod) a few months back, and we have been really pleased with the results and feedback. It’s definitely a product worth using. Good work, Chibebe.

Stephanie S Balnarring, Victoria

Our son would cry and cry everytime we put him down, whether it be on a blanket or in a bouncer or swing. Some friends had a chibebe snuggle pod and said to try him in it. I was wary as nothing worked, and he was asleep BUT, he laid on it and stayed on it for an hour and a half straight! I couldn't believe it! Since buying our own, it hasn't changed. He loves his snuggle pod and so do we. He's safe in it, comfortable and my arms are free! This will be my new baby gift for friends! They look cool and feel like they will last until he outgrows it. Definitely love this purchase and would recommend to anyone! Don't know what it is about it but it's the only thing that works for our little man. Thanks for such a great product!

Natasha Hough Fairfield Osteopathic Clinic Fairfield, Victoria

We have been using a ChiBebe snuggle pod in the waiting room of our office now for a while and the bubs are really enjoying it! Since our primary focus is Osteopathy, it’s important that we provide options for our clients that demonstrate a balanced and healthy approach. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod really supports the babies’ natural structure and keeps them happy and comfortable. Thanks Chibebe.

Jo Wat Son Via ChibebeSnugglePod Facebook Page

I am just wanting to let you know how impressed I am with your amazing snuggle pod and rocker.... I received it as a gift at the birth of my child a couple of weeks back and she has been in it constantly. its a genius idea that gives parents an alternative to plonking their bubba in a basinet all day - my baby loves sitting perched in it and watching life go by, but also its amazing as she will chill out in there when unsettled and after a couple of minutes of rocking her she is fast asleep and happy to stay in there for the duration of her nap... (whilst tucked up nice and cozily in her blanket that I also got) - the built in straps give me the confidence to be able to walk away (and actually achieve something)and know she isnt going to fall out and to also know the blanket cant make its way up and over her face if she wiggles - great work on a fabulous product, i will continue to recommend it to everyone i know..

Lauren Gigl Speech Pathologist - Griffith Early Childhood Intervention Service

.....We at Griffith Early Childhood Intervention Service (GEIS) are a service that provides educator and therapy supports to children below the age of 6 year that have moderate to significant developmental delays or a disability. We aim to provide inclusive and environmental supports for the child in the centre, at home or day care. We are the lowest funded early intervention service in NSW – we receive approx.. $1500 per child when the national average is more than $6000. We provide services to Griffith NSW local area and outreach to Hay, Hillston, Leeton, Lake Cargellico, Coleambelly (some of these towns are 200km away from us). These Snuggle pod chairs will allow for small children who cannot sit independently participate in activities independently (allowing their parent or peers to play with them rather than hold and support them)...

Tanya Williamson Occupational Therapist - Sensational Kids OT

.....Could be a well used tool by professionals and also families. It offers a very mouldable surface which allows us to work well with the bubs we see with flat heads. It is also offer a nice elevated position which is really great for feeding and supporting kids which are at risk of pressure points etc...

Naomi S Research Scientist Department of Haematology & Medical Oncology - The Royal Melbourne Hospital 2 Centre Grattan St Parkville, Vic, 3050 Australia

The pods are awesome and we are giving one to a Nurse on our Haematology/Oncology ward who l know will appreciate it very much (she is leaving soon to have her baby). The other one we have given to a patient and they were thrilled. They are greatly appreciated. PS: l'll probably order one before Christmas as my girlfriend will be home at Christmas so l can send it back with her.

Nick, Abigail, & Nora - USA

......We also wanted to thank you for the snuggle pod. We truly appreciate you going the extra mile, and will continue to recommend your product/company to family and friends. Here are some pictures of baby Nora in her SPICA cast enjoying her snuggle pod.

Nadene - AU

Already a winner by us. ;) Our daughter loved it, so we bought the blue top for our boy due in June. ;)

Jodi Gordon (Anasta), Actress, Model & Mum

My girlfriend recently put me onto Snuggle Pods & I absolutely fell in love with them...as did Aleeïa- she fell asleep straight away! I'm now really excited to try the new Pod Warmer this winter.

Michelle W - VIC

Hi guys,I loved your product so much and your service deserved extra effort to get a review sent your way, so here it is below: Thank you for such a wonderful product. It was becoming increasingly difficult to entertain my 3 month old boy, now he sits comfortably from room to room as I move around and take him with me in his Chibebe. We love it and recommend to others. Top quality product, great fabric and it was on my doorstep in days. Top service guys, congrats and thank you.

Kellie S - NSW

Again thankyou so much for all your help. You truly have fantastic customer service and have exceeded all expectations. I will definitley be recommending chibebe to all my friends.

Regards Bobie S. - VIC

Dear Chibebe Baby Beanbags staff, I would like to THANK-YOU sincerely for the quick delivery of my Hippy daze snuggle pod...I ordered it Wednesday approx 10:00p.m. and it arrived Friday afternoon...WOW...from ONE VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! P.S. I LOVE IT

Heather S - USA

...I also thank your doing a fantastic job keeping me informed & up to date. Your customer service transactions get an A++ in my book.

Andrea C - VIC

My friend screamed when l gave her the baby bean bag...she goes 'I LOVE THESE THINGS!' Haha. Thankyou soooooooo much. And you guys have been so nice. Such a beautiful gift to give.

Heather H - VIC

Hi there, Just letting you know that my order was delivered this afternoon. That would be have to be the best service I have ever received. Thank you so much. Cheers. Heather H - VIC

Alison L - Mildura, VIC

Good afternoon, just wanted to say thankyou for the great service. I received my order this morning after ordering yesterday.

Sharon - VIC

I am absolutely in love with my snuggle pod and so is my daughter. It has been a life saver as she suffers from reflux and loves sitting in her comfy bean bag after feeds or even just when i need a few minutes to get things done. I loved it so much i told a friend about it who has just purchased 8 as gifts for friends who im sure will rave about it as much as i have. Will definitely keep recommending to everyone i know.

Josie H - WA

I absolutely love how the colours have come together - the bean bag itself is a lovely hue of browns, oranges and greens and it goes well with the yellow/cream/lime seat covers and the pod rocker is in lime. It all goes with my house decor - as other baby products are too artificial or excessive for my liking. I have not had the chance to test drive it.. the baby boy hasn't yet popped out! I intentionally purchased a bean bag of this type knowing that it will be used for years to come and this is a perfect opportunity for the latest members of the family (the four legged canine version!) to interact with the new arrival.

Andrew T - QLD

Hey there. Just wanted to say thankyou sooo much for a beautiful beanbag, fast delivery & great communication! It was the easiest purchase we have made for our baby so far.

Kelly and Lou - VIC

Hi, and thanks for your email. The bean bag l bought from you is so cute! I love it. The photos on your website do not do it justice. It is so gorgeous in real life. My hubby and l are so happy l got this, and so is my little one ;).

Kelly - VIC

This bean bag is awesome. My baby loves this so much!

Catherine - SA

Excellent item, absolutely love it. And your communication is second to none. Thanks alot for being there for me and helping me decide.

Allison - VIC

We just ADORE our Chibebe Snuggle Pod. My little one has been using it since birth and now he is 7 months and loves nothing more than kicking back in it and having his evening bottle - as you can see from the picture. This is one of the only baby products that my little one has not grown out of or tired of. I have put so many friends and family on to the product that I would love to feature this wonderful product on my blog as well!

Susie P - VIC

Awesome bean bag! Thank heaps guys! I got this for my friend for her baby shower, and she told me afterwards that it was the best gift she had gotten, and the most useful! This says alot, since l know that some of the things she normally buys costs alot more than your bean bag!

Kimberley - VIC

You are an absolute SUPER STAR! Thank you soooooooooo much! That is the best customer service I have ever received!!! I cannot wait to receive the package and I know that my sister-in-law will be over the moon!!! You have made my day and will be recommending your company to all of my family and friends! I will be shouting from the roof tops just how awesome you guys are!

Bonnie - SA

Thank you. I got the bean bag yesterday and wanted to commend you on the fact that is was exactly as described!! Normally products look much better on the internet than it does when you actually see it in real life, but yours was totally the opposite! Very happy customer and I will be back when and if l have another bub or know someones who does.

Belinda R - QLD

Absolutely best buy. Baby luvs it. I highly recommend this to all parents (for babies sake!) Expect to hear from people who tell you l sent them to you.

Anon - VIC

Good afternoon, I am not sure if you remember me, but l got a couple of baby bean bags from you last week, for my sister, who is having twins. Just wanted to tell you that she is so happy with them, and think that they are the best idea ever! So l took the credit for that.....! Seriously though, l have to say that l was impressed with the very fast postage and quality product. So happy to have taken the plunge and got this. Very very happy.

Peter - VIC

I just wanted to tell you that l am sitting here working at my computer, and my newborn baby girl has been here resting next to me for about 4 hours now. We have a train going past now and then, and she doesn't budge. She is so happy and so am l. You have no idea how glad my wife and l are. Thank you very, very much.

Tania H

Hi. I want to tell you that you have a fantastic product. Our son loves it. So we do too. All the best.

"Thommos Wife"

Hi. I just wanted you to post this comment on your site. "Great company to buy from. Will be back for sure for anyone l know who is having a baby. I just love this item so much. Thankyou."

Helen - AUS

I have received the baby bean bag and l have given it to my son and his wife who absolutely adored it, they said they have never seen anything like it, so thankyou for such a lovely product. Also we now have an addition to our family, a beautiful new little girl, Liliana. So l am sure she is thoroughly enjoying her bean bag as well. You have a great range of products and EVERYONE should know about them.

Tamara - AUS

The bags are just beautiful!

Rebecca - AUS

Loving the bean bag!

Anthea - VIC

Thanks so much, you have been awesome. My husband bought it home last night...

Jane L

Thanks soooo much for sending out a new Slumber Pod! I have already put it to good use! I really appreciate the fantastic customer service that you have provided to me and l don't know what my little girl would do without her bean bag day and night! Many of my friends have now purchased the Snuggle Pod and they are loving them too!

Liz - VIC

Fully tested with the proof? Wow, that is the safety l have been looking for in a baby bean bag! How can people put their babies in anything less than the best? I will be telling everyone about the Chibebe Slumber Pod! Thankyou so much for your hard work and dedication to the safety of these baby beanbags. There are so many 'imitations' out there, and without your quality and safety assurance l would never have gotten one. Thankyou soooo much, cos l really wanted one!

Kaye W

I received my Chirpy yesterday, & I have to say I am absolutely delighted with it. You were right about the baby-proof coating making a difference - I would say this would give the product a much longer life span, & it would last through a number of babies if necessary. I love the design & the bright yellow lining which would be suitable for boys as well. Once again,thank you so much for your continuous follow-up with this - I can't tell you how much I have appreciated your patience & excellent customer service throughout. It is those qualities that keep customers not only coming back, but also, recommending your business to others (which I shall be doing). Have a lovely day, & please hand on my compliments to the rest of your company at your next meeting.

Erica K

Hi! I was lucky enough to a green polka Slumber Pod from you in the nick of time before they sold out on the site!! Thanks so much! My friend LOVES it!!

Troy H

G'day. Got a weird question. My wife wants to know if the Snuggle Pod comes in adult sizes? Our baby boy loves it, and so she got curious, and laid her head on it, and fell asleep. She has trouble sleeping herself, and wants one now. I know it's a long shot, but thought l would ask.


Thanks very much, I absolutely love it and am about to fill it with beans...Have a lovely Christmas.

Bee (Belinda Stephens)

Hey, I have to say, I ordered this for my friends in Sydney-they had adore it. Your great product makes me look like a great friend- thanks. They had their wee son yesterday, so I snuck in on time. And thanks for the little gift I received, very nice gesture. Thank you. Hope you have a lovely week. Thanks.


My baby finds it comfy and its great coz its so easy to move around, much better than a bouncer.

Emma D - Vic

I have received my goods, and I am incredibly happy with them!

Bonnie B - ACT

I am emailing to let you know i have received my package yesterday afternoon!! I was going to give it to my pregnant friend but i have decided to keep it for myself in the future for when I have a baby!! It’s too cute to give away. Many thanks for all your amazing help. You have been great.

Lisa - Vic

I wouldn't have been able to do a thing without the chi bebe pod. My baby loves the pod and I put him in it while I grab a shower, cook a meal or clean. He just loves laying there and kicking his legs and flapping his arms around. It has saved me!!!

Jen - NSW

...the recent purchase was a gift for my girlfriend who is expecting later this year as a thankyou gift for organising my baby shower for bub # 3. I bought our Snuggle Pod for my son Griffin who turned one this week and he absolutely loved it (pic attached) and I am expecting our third in a few weeks who will also enjoy the best resting product around I am sure :). Thanks for such an awesome product which we have found invaluable!!

Fifi Box - Awesome Cool Radio & Television Personality

Dear Dennis, Paulitta and the entire Chibebe team, ...I absolutely love the Snuggle Pod! It's so gorgeous, I actually had a little cry when I saw it. The hormones are definitely getting to me but I also imagined my little baby lying on it and I got so excited! It's such a fantastic product, I'm going to get so much use out of it when the baby's here, and it looks so cute I love the design. ...I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, Fifi x

Kaylen C

The snuggle pod looks great. The one I bought last year was for a friend, and she loved it, so I decided to purchase another one for my sister in law.

Bexx Nelson

I've recieved and filled up our awesome snuggle pod. Miss 4 would be fighting with her little sister of 5weeks (if a newborn could fight) over it, it always has a bum in it.I'm sooo wrapt with the snuggle pod I'm thinking we may have to order another so as to prevent a world war when the baby can finally defend herself.

Dhara Nathoo

Just a note to say a big thank you for your help and assistance, I really appreciate the amazing service I have recieved over a very small order and the patience shown by your staff. In addition, I am very impressed that a Managing Director has worked through an issue and sent me an email on a Sunday afternoon. This is exceptional customer service, you are a wonderful customer centric company.Personally having worked in Consumer Goods and FMCG companies in the Marketing department, I would sincerely like applaud the team. Thank you and I will be highly recommending your products and store on a few Mothers groups I am part of.

Jackie Heaysman

Hi Chibebe Team, Thanks for your response. We are delighted with the product! Kind regards - Jackie

Kaylen C

I just wanted to let you know that the snuggle pod arrived yesterday... ...The snuggle pod looks great. The one I bought last year was for a friend, and she loved it, so I decided to purchase another one for my sister in law.

Mark - Price Waterhouse Cooper

....we have a Chibebe at home!

Nicole & Orrin Maclou

I would love to comment on the Snuggle Pod baby bean bag. As a mum I love it and have recommenedd it to all my pregnant friends. It is the one thing I am still using (other things have come and gone) and my little girl is 8 months old now. I find it really useful when I am having a shower in the morning. Laila, my little girl, still loves her bean bag and has fallen asleep plenty of times on her beanbag. This is what Laila thinks of her bean bag: "I love my Snuggle Pod bean bag. My favourite thing is falling asleep and dreaming about unicorns and princesses'.


Foxy lil cub loves her Chibebe! Meet Amaya! Best pod. Easy assemblage. Light-weight. Useful indoors and outdoors.