The Pod Rocker®

Color - Vanilla

Finally, an answer to the age-old question: to buy a Snuggle Pod or a Rocker? Now, you have both! Simply pop the Snuggle Pod onto the flexi-mat in the rocker frame, and the super comfy chillin' Snuggle Pod becomes a super comfy rockin' pod instantly!

This Pod Rocker is the perfect accessory to a Snuggle Pod. It will transform our soft and comfortable baby bean bag into a baby rocking chair to help your baby relax this baby giving your baby extra comfort. Pair it up with a Snuggle Pod to be the best most used baby present as parents love them. This baby rocker is made to last from a most trusted brand.

For use from newborn to 9kgs.


Lime: this is a gorgeous pastel-like green, and is a Limited Edition color in our Pod Rocker® collection.

Vanilla: this is a gorgeous vanilla toned rocker, designed to suit all Snuggle Pod designs, and is a permanent color within the Pod Rocker range. The color tone may vary from images.


*the Pod Rocker® design is a registered design of, and is exclusive to Millisage LLC. 

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Customer Reviews

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Courtney P.
Stuffing the bag was THE WORST! But I love the chair itself.

Honestly, I love the chair, it's lightweight and easy to move around the house. But when I ordered the stuffing, I thought for sure it would be encased in something ready to install into the chair. NOPE. The two bags of little peanuts came separately and were an absolute MESS to put in the chair. Had I know that that would be the case, I wouldn't have ordered. Also there were no zipper pulls on the part you have to unzip to stuff the bag, so I had to make an implement. This seems like simple design stuff!

We love it!

My daughter was diagnosed with Arthogryposis. And it is very hard to find something that is comfortable for her to sit in. She loves the beanbag because she is able to wiggle until she finds a comfortable spot. It is the ability to be able to add and take away the beans so that she can feel snug in tight.

What a happy little girl she is! Thanks for the kind review and I am so glad she is finding some comfort with our snuggle pod. From one mom to another this makes everything worth it!

Shannon Thompson
Absolutely Love!

I bought this for my daughter, she has a 3 month old girl who is very finicky! She doesn’t enjoy being put down, but she LOVES her snuggle pod! This has been an absolute life saver for her with having two kiddos 10.5 months apart!

Mary Iacona
New baby

Baby not here yet but mama love it

My baby’s best seat in the house!

We have a handful of different chairs and swings for our 2 month that he wasn’t crazy about or would only last about 5 minutes in before screaming to get out! I ordered the Chibebe from a social media ad after seeing all the cute happy babies lounging in them! BIG win for our baby, he LOVES it and enjoys lounging in it!