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Interesting Chibebe® facts:

Fact #1: It is not the actual making of our Snuggle Pods that takes a long time...it's the manufacturing of the materials and parts that are used in poduction of the Snuggle Pod. Each and every part of the Pod is made exclusively for us by a very selective supply chain who each specialise in the parts they are tasked to poduce for the Snuggle Pod. This way, we have the very best of the best manufacturing each component that is used in the product your baby is using all day, every day. We aim to maintain an inventory of all materials and parts so that we can poduce the Snuggle Pod in a timely manner, to meet demand.

Fact #2: Have you heard of DEHP? Neither had we until a once upon a time, long ago, when a concerned Mother asked us if our Snuggle Pods contained this chemical, as her child could not be around it. DEHP is used in alot of childrens toys and even fabrics. There is a ban on the use of DEHP in toys for children under 36 months in Australia, but this ban does not apply to the Snuggle Pod®. However, we like to be liked, so we had the Snuggle Pod tested by world renowned consumer testing laboratory, SGS, who officially certified that they could not detect any traces of DEHP in the Snuggle Pod®. This makes us not only proud of the Pod, but also allows us to sleep at night, knowing we're doing right by the innocent babies of the world who rely on us to keep them safe.

Fact #3: We introduced the baby bean bag concept to the Australian market. We remain the #1 choice and we believe this is because we can justify anything and everything that we do. Our price is perfectly on point, and is often credited for this, for so many reasons, including, but not limited to:
- the Snuggle Pod® is literally guaranteed to be of the highest quality, but is also super affordable price for absolutely anyone and everyone who believes that babies should only use safe, reliable products
- we continue to test our products in world renowned laboratories like SGS, to keep your baby safe
- we are always creating new and exciting accessories for the Snuggle Pod, like the Pod Rocker & Pod Warmer, with more to come.

Then Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® remains the most reviewed and the most trusted name in baby bean bags in the world.

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